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Strengthening Your Throat Chakra

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The throat chakra is associated with creativity, listening, self-expression, and communication. A healthy throat chakra enables you to communicate your thoughts clearly and with courage. When the throat chakra is energetically in balance, you listen and communicate well. You’re effective in getting your message across.

Throat ChakraWhen your throat chakra is out of balance, blocked, or low on energy, you may have trouble expressing yourself or find communication ineffective. This manifests in not truly hearing what others are saying to you, being unable to say what you want to say to others, or your “voice” not being heard—meaning not getting your message across. A common reason for a blocked throat chakra is being told by someone important to you to shut up, or a group of people wanting you to keep quiet about an issue.

For example, my father once pastored a church having some problems, which he addressed in his sermons. A faction in the church vocally resisted him, and unfortunately, a spiritual struggle ensued. He subsequently developed thyroid cancer, requiring surgery and medication. Because of unpopular and unwanted spiritual communication and the congregation’s resistance to it, his throat chakra was affected, manifesting in physical disease.

A healthy and vibrant throat chakra boosts the spiritual energy of your message and its reception by others. After the Apostle Peter was filled with the Holy Spirit on Pentecost and his throat chakra was opened and anointed with Christ’s energy (as evidenced by speaking in tongues), he preached a short sermon, and 3000 people came to faith in the Lord (see Acts 2).

Exercise to strengthen your throat chakra

Color WheelSpoken-word communicators can use all the energy they can get in their throat chakra. Here’s an exercise to clear and strengthen the energy in your throat.
The exercise consists of visualizing the color orange—the one directly opposite the color of the throat chakra, blue—while intoning two syllables (learned from the Rosicrucians).

The syllables and intonations are the following:

Tho F#, above middle C Invigorating, arousing sound
Tho F#
Ra- A natural, above middle C Masculine, creative power of God
Ma A natural Feminine, maturing power of God
Tho F#

Here are the notes:


  1. Sit with your feet flat on the floor, your spine and head erect.
  2. Throughout the exercise, visualize your thyroid and your throat chakra, surrounded by bright orange light.
  3. Chant in full voice (as demonstrated in the previous audio):
    Tho… tho… ra—ma–tho…
    Tho… tho… ra—ma–tho…
    Tho… tho… ra—ma–tho…
    Tho… tho… ra—ma–tho…
    Tho… tho… ra—ma–tho…
    (Chant five times total.)

    For example:

Perform this exercise twice daily for 21 days, and then comment here on your results.

Next time, I’ll post an exercise to attune the three sacred centers (throat, third eye, and crown chakra). Until then, may God the Spirit enable you to find your full voice.

Rev. Lee Allen Howard, Mystic & Minister

Written by Lee Allen Howard

December 20th, 2015 at 12:53 pm

The Sea of Liquid Light (Public Channeling #2)

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Our journey of evolution in consciousness progresses in phases. It begins with walking, when we commit ourselves to progress and exert some effort of our own volition. But soon we enter the flow of synchronicity that carries us to the sea, where we embark on the ship of meditation, which transports us to the deep waters. When we reach that state where we let ourselves go, the sea of consciousness eventually carries us of its own accord to our destination.

This message from my guides to the followers of Building the Bridge speaks of this progression on the “sea of liquid light.”

The Sea of Liquid Light

Channel: Rev. Lee Allen Howard
Source: Guide collective
Format: Channeled verbally; recorded and transcribed
Date and time: September 25, 2014; 1:43 pm
Location: Jamestown, New York, USA (home)
In attendance: None

Greetings, those who are on the path of light. It is time to climb ever higher in your journey to the expansion of consciousness. For you have only just begun to tap the realms of the high, limitless possibilities you may achieve through raising your consciousness into the realms of light. We desire that you relax and that you meditate daily, that you relax your body and your mind, and then you let your spirit soar.

Deep is calling unto deep. That which is deep within you is being called to rise higher and higher to that which is deep within the realms of light. There is no end to the progress that you can make in journeying toward the highest. For this is your true path and your purpose: to walk and to progress along tributaries of light until you reach the sea in the Mind of All That Is.

Like a star afloat on a sparkling sea of light, so is your consciousness. And so shall your consciousness merge with those of like mind. For there is no separation in this realm, but all is One, all is Light, all is Love. Lose yourself in this liquid sea, in this sea of liquid love. Sing together of the glories of creation and the limitlessness of your abilities.

Although you are adrift upon this sea of light, there is a purpose and a direction to your migration. Higher and ever higher shall you travel upon the peaks and the living wavelengths of energy and light from the highest realms.

We are casting you, we are guiding you, toward the shore of Oneness. This is a beach of a new creation, a new humanity, a new realm of consciousness and being. We desire to bring you there. Loose yourselves upon the frequencies and the waves of liquid light, and we shall navigate you to the shores of perfection.

Begin your journey on the ship of meditation, and when you reach the horizon of relaxation, the ship of your physical form will dissolve, and we shall carry you along liquid wavelengths to the shore of perfection. Practice this journey daily. And although you begin it many times, each trip shall take you farther. Although it is a never-ending journey, each time you take it, we shall see that you make progress toward the light.

A beautiful land awaits you beyond the shore. Seek this land, yearn for it with your deepest being, for this is the land of your birth.

Ship of the Sea of LIght

Psychic Mediumship: Gift or Skill?

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Are psychic and mediumistic abilities gifts possessed by only a chosen few? If they’re gifts, shouldn’t they be practiced for free?

Patricia Arquette as Alison DuBois of MEDIUM

These notions persist in books, movies, and television shows. The popular TV series Medium, starring Patricia Arquette, portrays protagonist Allison DuBois as someone whose gifts invade her life and overtake her. Dreams haunt her, and dead people show up when she least expects it, forcing her to deal with their demands. She wants to use her gifts to help people, but she won’t take money for it.

I suppose the spiritual abilities of some people are so powerful and prominent that they overrun waking consciousness. Such individuals are described as “natural mediums.” But does this make them spectacularly unique? Specially gifted? Perhaps not when you compare them to other talented people.

Is Anyone Specially Gifted?

Stephen King and a few others have achieved notoriety through their storytelling and writing abilities. But just because they achieved stardom does not set them apart completely from other writers. Many authors are not as popular, yet have taken their desire to write and through education, hard work, and persistence developed themselves into serviceable writers able to make a living from their work.

Although not everyone has the raw talent to write or sing or excel in sports professionally, those who do still took what they were given and developed it into something useful that others want. To the spark of talent everyone must add the kindling of skills development and practice.

A mediocre writer can, through learning and practice, become a better writer—even a selling writer. On the other hand, someone with perfect pitch may never become a singer if she doesn’t learn voice craft and practice to develop performance skills.

Why Anyone Could Be a Medium

Some individuals may have more natural psychic and mediumship ability than others. But because everyone is a spiritual being, everyone has the ability to contact spirit. What prevents the “average” person from developing these abilities is personal belief, education, and practice.

First, you must believe that human beings are spiritual beings and, as spiritual beings, you can contact the spirit realm.

Second, you must learn how the spirit realm operates and what methods make for effective communication. Here’s where you learn skills just as anyone else does—writer, artist, singer, craftsperson.

Finally, once you know spirit contact is possible and you learn how to do it, you must practice those skills until you master them. That practice, as with any other discipline, is what enables you to become a serviceable psychic or medium.

Perhaps you don’t want to contact Spirit professionally. But because mediumship is not a gift bestowed on only a special “chosen few,” you can still learn to do it. It all starts with desire.

What Are Your Desires Telling You?

What have you always wanted to do? What’s that thing that you keep putting off but which refuses to leave you? Discover it, pursue it, engage with it.

From the time I learned how to print words on school tablet paper in second grade, I wanted to write stories. For a long time they were pretty bad. I was not a “natural born writer.” After three college degrees and 40 years of practice, I’m finally making something of it.

Who cares if you’re not “naturally gifted”? If you desire to do something, follow it; give yourself wholly to it. Even if it becomes no more than a hobby, you’re developing a seed God has planted in you.

Others may feel called to a career in the metaphysical arts. If so, those who have spent a significant portion of their lives—investing time, energy, and financial resources into developing their spiritual skills—are worthy to make at least part of their living from their work as psychics, mediums, or healers.

Is It Ethical to Charge for Spiritual Services?

This is a sticking point with some who believe that psychic abilities are special gifts. “How can you charge money for it? It’s a gift, right?”

No one in any profession should conduct business in such a way that bilks or defrauds the public. (I don’t like crooked plumbers any more than I care for crooked psychics.) But, like any other ability such as writing, teaching, or accounting, mediumship is a skill that, if practiced honorably, is worth being compensated for.

Did you pay for schooling to develop your particular interests in order to work for free? Of course not. I certainly didn’t. Whatever the discipline, those who invest in developing their abilities should be able to make a living from them, or at least earn back their educational investment. This goes for psychics and mediums too.

Practice Makes Perfect

Although some people may be more naturally gifted as mediums, massage therapists, singers, cooks, what makes their native abilities marketable is skill, developed through education and practice. All hard work deserves recognition and remuneration.

“Do not muzzle an ox while it is treading out the grain,” and “The worker deserves his wages.”
1 Timothy 5:18 NIV

Speaking at First Spiritualist: “Singing in the Spirit”

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I will be speaking at First Spiritualist Church of McKeesport, PA, on Sunday morning, June 19, at 11:00 am.

My topic is “SINGING IN THE SPIRIT”: Using music and singing to raise your vibration to connect with Spirit and usher in breakthroughs.

I hope to see you there!

For more information, go to: First Spiritualist Church. 809 Locust St., McKeesport, PA 15132. Mapquest:

Written by Lee Allen Howard

June 13th, 2011 at 12:13 pm

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