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From Hard Service to Renewal, Pt 3

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Spirit has used Job 14:14 to speak to me many times over the years, taking me from hard service to renewal.

New way, new path, new arena

Bright PathOn July 9, 1996, Spirit said something to me that foretold the future:

I am calling you to a new day; I am calling you to a new way, down a new path, into a new arena.

Considering where I came from, this has certainly proved true. In this same message, Spirit said:

The days of hard service are over. Days of mourning and grieving are past. You will call unto me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things which you know not. …

I will come to you and make myself known to you. I will lead you and guide you and make my face to shine upon you. I will be gracious unto you. Look not to another, but look to me, for your days of hard service are over, and I will come to you with joy and gladness and take away your mourning.

Looking back, my guide was obviously speaking about the future. In 1996, my days of hard service, mourning, and grieving hadn’t yet begun. But on that “new day,” down a “new path,” my hard service would end, and joy would come.

When I received this message, I looked up “hard service” and found this:

Is there not a time of hard service for man on earth? Are not his days also like the days of a hired man?
–Job 7:1 NKJ

Up until now, I’ve been working for someone else, and the time I’ve put in I had no ownership of. It was a period of working with no authority, like Joseph as a slave or prisoner. In the “new day,” in the “new arena,” this will change.

If a man dies, shall he live again? All the days of my hard service I will wait, till my change comes. You shall call, and I will answer You; You shall desire the work of Your hands.
–Job 14:14 NIV

When your hard service ends, God calls you to do the work of Spirit. Then you will experience a new relationship of desire as God’s workmanship (Eph. 2:10).

Promised Land and an open door

Fast-forward to November 16, 2007. My guide had spoken in years past about leaving the land of slavery and crossing the Jordan. I asked if this had happened yet.

You have left the land of your hard service. I have called you to a land of promise.

So the worst was over, but I had not yet crossed over. I had not yet moved north.

During channeling session #90 on November 11, 2012, Spirit told me:

The time of your hard service is over, and your change has come. As you have been faithful to read and to study and to learn and to practice those things which we have called you to do, we will now begin to open up the door of service for you. … For we desire to speak to you, speak through you, to help others along their way. … Your change has come.

From 2007 until the present I’ve studied like crazy, reading hundreds of book. Taken workshops. Participated in development circles. Attended and graduated from the Morris Pratt Institute, and I’m about to graduate from Fellowships of the Spirit.

This open door of service won’t be “the days of a hired man.” It will be anointed service with authority. When you faithfully endure hard service—your spiritual bootcamp of life experience and study—you are eventually called forth like Lazarus, set free like Joseph. There is a graduation day!

Prepare for launch

In 2013 I studied the calling and commissioning of Joseph. On November 10, 2013, my guides said:

Our word to you is sure. Do not doubt that these things shall come to pass, but know that the time of your hard service has come to an end. And you will be launched; you will be called from the prison; you will be hastened to the place of your appointment, and from there you will use what you have learned; you will pass with flying colors, and you will be launched into the ministry to which we’ve called you. Take it in stride, for this is your destiny.

The following year I wrote a series about Launching My Rocket. Twenty years after Spirit first mentioned enduring my time of hard service, God is renewing me and calling me forth.

Although you thought you were ready when you were but a youth, you were not prepared to handle the responsibility, the authority, and the anointing that we desire to place upon you. We will teach you how to use the gifts that we will bestow upon you. Fear not, but look to us. Question us. Ask us. For we desire not only to lead, but to teach. Be prepared to step into your calling.

As Joseph was called from prison to prominence, this is Spirit’s plan.

Expect the glory to fall

I asked, How do I prepare to step into my calling?

Expectation. Your calling and your equipping do not depend on manmade institutions or schooling. These are good things, and we desire that you learn and have the basis of understanding. But your calling and equipping come from Spirit. We desire that you prepare and that you be prepared to receive the outpouring of glory that we have for you.

I applied myself diligently to study and practice for eight years. Spirit now says my equipping will come from an outpouring of spiritual glory. I look forward to that!

Is there anything that I need to do to prepare for it or to trigger it? Again:

Expectation. Expect us to make good upon our word. We will give you signs; we will give you inklings of what is about to come and when it is to come. The more you expect, the wider the channel grows. And then will come forth that which we have promised.

Expectation is key in opening the door for promised manifestations of Spirit.

What has Spirit promised you to do? Are you expecting the word to come to pass? Expect it, and see the glory fall.

Rev. Lee Allen Howard, Mystic & Minister

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April 14th, 2015 at 7:41 pm

From Hard Service to Renewal, Pt 2

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Do you feel sentenced to hard labor and long for a breakthrough? The biblical character Joseph had the same experience and passed his test with flying colors.

Joseph: from prison to prominence

Joseph and His Coat of Many Colors

“Joseph and His Coat of Many Colors”
by Suzanne Tornquist

Genesis 37 and 39–48 tell the story of Joseph, one of the twelve sons of Jacob, who was renamed Israel.

As a youth, Joseph had two dreams that indicated all his brothers and even his parents would bow down to him. Being one of the youngest who was favored by their father with a coat of many colors, Joseph’s ten older brothers resented his “prophetic revelation” and sold him to a band of slave traders. That’s one way to end sibling rivalry.

Joseph was sold to Potiphar, captain of the guard for Pharaoh (king of Egypt). Joseph was faithful and rose to a place of responsibility in Potiphar’s household. But, accused of rape by his master’s wife, Joseph was cast into prison for many years. Because of his prophetic ability to interpret dreams, he was eventually called into Pharaoh’s court to interpret the king’s dreams.

Joseph’s accurate dream interpretation and wise counsel concerning a coming famine earned him a position of authority in Pharaoh’s court. Joseph traded his prison clothes—his graveclothes—for royal robes.

42Then Pharaoh took his signet ring off his hand and put it on Joseph’s hand; and he clothed him in garments of fine linen and put a gold chain around his neck. 43And he had him ride in the second chariot which he had; and they cried out before him, “Bow the knee!” So he set him over all the land of Egypt.
–Genesis 41:42-43 NKJ

Joseph delivered an entire nation from seven years of famine. Eventually, Joseph’s family, believing he was long dead, traveled from Canaan to Egypt to buy food. They did bow down before him, fulfilling the God-given dream and Joseph’s own prophetic words.

Joseph remained a slave until his own words had come true, and the Lord had finished testing him.
–Psalm 105:19 CEV

Your change is coming

On June 25, 1992, Spirit called me to come forth from the darkness and preach the Gospel to the nations, setting captives free. Thirteen years later, after a divorce, dissolving a ministry, and coming out as gay, I threw in the towel and thought God’s promises were canceled. But Romans 11:29 declares, “God’s gifts and His call are irrevocable. [He never withdraws them when once they are given, and He does not change His mind about those to whom He gives His grace or to whom He sends His call.]” (AMP)

Joseph probably felt this way about his dreams after being sold into slavery and ending up in prison. Spirit gave me a message referencing this story on February 1, 1993:

Before Joseph received the royal robes and the chain of gold, he spent time in Pharaoh’s prison. But though he was in prison, I prospered all that he set his hand to.

At the time, I felt like I was enduring hard service, but back in 1993, I had no idea what I was in for the next 20 years. Yet God did prosper me in the business world during that time. If you’re faithful to God in trying circumstances, Spirit will prosper you in preparation for the future.

Do not fret and do not worry, my son, but trust in and remain faithful to me, and I shall move you from prison to prominence. Wait patiently and trust in me all the days of your hard service, ’til your change comes. It is coming, my son, and it is nearer than you think.

God promised to move me “from prison to prominence.” I had no idea how hard the interim would prove to be. “It is nearer than you think.” Really, God? Twenty-two freaking years? “But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day” (2 Peter 3:8 NIV). No kidding, Pete.

As we learned from the life of Job, there is an appointed time for advancement. Be faithful to learn your lessons, and it may hasten the day of revival.

The wide and spacious place

Do not faint and do not give up, but continue to seek my face and trust in me, and I shall open the doors for you and usher you into a wide and spacious place, a place of liberty and light. Do not faint and do not give up, but trust me and follow me, and I shall make a way for you.

I certainly blew that: I did faint; I did give up. But God never runs out of grace. Now, in 2015, Spirit is opening the prison door, and I’m shaking off the graveclothes to follow the path that’s always been destined for me into my spacious Promised Land.

You also are destined for freedom and release.

Next time, I’ll continue sharing how Spirit has used Job 14:14 to speak to me over the years. Until then, keep using your gifts wherever you may be. They will eventually make a way for you.

A person’s gift opens doors before him; it clears the way and brings him before great people.
–Proverbs 18:16

Rev. Lee Allen Howard, Mystic & Minister

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April 12th, 2015 at 11:33 am

From Hard Service to Renewal, Pt 1

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Do you feel you’ve been sentenced to hard labor, while you’re waiting for a breakthrough, for some kind of change, to come? In his year of trials, Job felt the same way.

If someone dies, will they live again? All the days of my hard service I will wait for my renewal to come.
–Job 14:14 NIV

Even if you feel like you’ve died and will never live again, revival is on its way.

Hard service is hard

BootcampThe phrase “hard service” is the Hebrew word tsaba’, which means “a mass of persons, an army, a campaign; worship, hardship, an appointed time.”1 It means fighting, or rendering military service, total dedication and careful regimentation. “Man’s earthly existence is likened to hard military service. He must continually labor, endure suffering and be subject to a destiny beyond his control.”2

Other Bible versions translate tsaba’ as struggle, drudgery, warfare, appointed time. As you wait for the fulfillment of a prophetic message over your life, there’s a season of struggle and warfare, a night of darkness, a period of testing that builds character until the appointed time. Bootcamp produces endurance.

Joseph, one of the twelve sons of Jacob/Israel, had dreams that he would be exalted, and that his entire family would bow down to him. His eleven brothers didn’t care for this vision and sold him into slavery. Joseph ended up in Egypt, where he later was thrown in prison and forced to endure hard service.

Joseph remained a slave until his own words had come true, and the Lord had finished testing him.
–Psalm 105:19 CEV

Until the time his prediction came true, the word of the Lord tested him.
–Psalm 105:19 HCSB

Renewal is coming

The word “renewal” is the Hebrew chaliyphah, meaning “a change or replacement of garments; relief from death; changing or varying the course of life.”3 After a tree is cut down, it can yet spring forth with second growth.4 Renewal alludes to spiritual and physical resurrection.

LazarusWe see this change demonstrated in the resurrection of Jesus’ friend Lazarus, who became ill and died. After Lazarus lay four days in the tomb, Jesus showed up during the mourning rituals and spoke to Lazarus’ sisters about being the Resurrection and the Life. He approached the tomb, they rolled away the stone, and

43…[Jesus] cried with a loud voice, “Lazarus, come forth!” 44And he who had died came out bound hand and foot with graveclothes, and his face was wrapped with a cloth. Jesus said to them, “Loose him, and let him go.”
–John 11:43-44 NKJ

Lazarus returns to life, bound in graveclothes. Jesus commands that he be freed from these trappings. After his hard service, Lazarus received his renewal, his change, at the appointed time. He received a change of garments and a new lease on life that redirected his destiny.

When the Spirit of Christ calls you forth from the bondage of hard service at your appointed time, there’s a process where you are stripped from the ways and thoughts that bound you in the tomb. Welcome it, for it leads to second growth. Afterward, you will experience freedom and clear sight.

God’s irrevocable call

My Holy Spirit revival in the mystic hermit’s cave (Lazarus’ tomb?) signals the end of my time of hard service. But as Joseph received his dreams, I long ago received prophetic messages foretelling my destined release.

Way back in 1992, on June 25, Spirit spoke a significant message that has tried me all the days of my hard service:

I desire to be with you and guide you in every step you take. I desire to show myself faithful unto you, my son. For I have a plan and a way that you must walk. I have ordained it long ago. I have planned it before you were born.

Spirit said there’s a destined purpose for my life, and a way for me to walk to fulfill that plan. No matter what your circumstances are or how you feel, God has a plan for you.

I desire that you go unto the nations and preach my Gospel. I desire that you set the captives free, and to open blind eyes, to set at liberty those who are bruised. For as I have released you from a dungeon of darkness, I desire that you set others free from the bondage and chains of darkness. Go, my son. Go and tell the good news of my redemption and deliverance that the captive might be set free to worship me.

I’ll admit here that after leaving the Church and coming out, I abandoned the channeled messages I wrote between 1989 and 2005. I figured they were all for naught, that my calling to go to the nations and preach the Gospel was canceled because I was not only divorced, but gay.

However, Romans 11:29 declares, “God’s gifts and His call are irrevocable. [He never withdraws them when once they are given, and He does not change His mind about those to whom He gives His grace or to whom He sends His call.]” (AMP). Like evangelist Lonnie Frisbee, I am who I am, and God will yet use me to fulfill His original plan. The same goes for you, friend.

New life in the Spirit

In 2007 I received my first reawakening, when Spirit came down and laid me out on the floor with a power under which I could hardly stand or keep a dry eye. Spirit poured out visions and spoke messages that gave me hope for a new course. Those words tested me until I gave in and accepted my calling.

Jesus is rolling away the stone and calling me forth to share the good news of deliverance from the dungeon and sight for the blind. Not to release people from their God-given sexual orientation, but to help them strip the graveclothes of condemnation and rejection to realize that God loves them, accepts them, and wants to heal and use them to bring hope to others.

I have called you to lead others into my presence, my son. To those who do not know how to enter in, I desire that you teach them and lead them into my presence.

Jesus has rolled away the stone and is calling you forth. Shed those rotten rags and step into the light of His love. It’s time to enter into God’s presence.

Expect a divine visitation

On the same day Spirit gave me the previous message about my call, my devotional reading was based on Job 14:14. (June 25, 1992, was the first time Spirit mentioned renewal from hard service.) Here’s the passage I transcribed into my channeling database from Dick Mills’ The Word:

Job 14:14 (NKJ): “…All the days of my hard service I will wait, till my change comes.” E. W. Bullinger translates this phrase: “…I will wait until the time of my reviving comes.” …

Hard service (or as the King James Version has it, “appointed time”) is a military expression relating to engagement in warfare. All the time Job was waging the good fight of faith, he was not waiting for death, but for a divine visitation. He was expecting a revival, a renewal, a change for the better. That change came when the Lord intervened to turn Job’s captivity and reward his faithfulness with a double portion of all that he had lost in the hassle.

We look for a change, a breakthrough. The Lord will intervene for us just as He did for Job. Job expected change in his circumstances. They came to him in double measure. We can expect the same.

Next time, I’ll share more about how Spirit has used Job 14:14 to speak to me over the past 25 years. Until then, be faithful in trying times, the period of hard service, until your change comes. Revival—even resurrection—is on its way.

Rev. Lee Allen Howard, Mystic & Minister

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    Phase 2 of Ministry, Pt 3

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    Spirit says it’s time to enter phase 2 of my ministry. In this series, I share the messages I’ve been getting and the renewal I’m experiencing at the far side of the dark night of the soul.

    Revival in the mystic hermit’s cave

    Hermit in CaveOn February 23, 2015 (session #256), Spirit said:

    We will renew you in the power of the Holy Ghost, and you shall receive a visitation not many days hence. We desire that you wait for it, that you prepare for it, that you expect it, and that you welcome it. For we desire to pour out our Spirit again upon you, that you might be equipped, that you might be encouraged, that you might be refreshed and strengthened.

    Inspiration is coming; renewal is coming to you. It shall usher in the next phase of your ministry.

    For the past two months, I’ve done little but listen to prophetic preaching, read, and commune with God. I feel like a mystic hermit. I’m enjoying visitations of the Holy Spirit with trembling and weeping—ecstatic experiences I’ve been prone to since receiving the Pentecostal baptism in the Holy Spirit nearly 30 years ago.

    I’ll share more about this in a future post, but with the soul-searching, increased spiritual activity, the ecstasies and tears, non-stop synchronicities, visions, and the deluge of messages in tongues with interpretation, I’m having myself a little Spirit-filled revival.

    It’s opening the door to the next phase of ministry. Spirit is telling me this includes signs and wonders. More to come.

    Expecting breakthrough

    On March 3, 2015 (session #258), I greeted my guides and said:

    You have spoken to me about the great light, seeing the bright light. Is this something that has already happened, or is it something I’m to expect in the future?

    There are shadowings and foreshadowing of things yet to come. Know that we are working on your breakthrough as we have said, for we desire that you be raised up, and we desire that this connection be made, that the channel be widened, be opened in greater measure.

    As we have said, by the time the flowers break through the snow, you will have arisen to the next level, and you will have entered the next phase of your ministry.

    Just as winter gives way to spring, so shall it be with you. Experiences will culminate and will give way from one phase into the next.

    What Spirit foreshadowed as a reflection in a glass door is leading to a breakthrough. Ascension. A greater connection, a wider channel.

    I went for a walk the other day to enjoy the Spring weather, and look what I saw. Thank you, God!

    Crocus in the Snow Snowdrops

    It’s time for renewal and the launching of phase 2 of the ministry Spirit has entrusted to me in this life.

    If a man die, shall he live again? All the days of mine appointed time will I wait, till my changing shall come.
    –Job 14:14 GNV

    I’ll share more about this next post. Till then, seek God and be faithful until your change comes.

    Rev. Lee Allen Howard, Mystic & Minister

    More information:

    Phase 2 of Ministry, Pt 2

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    Spirit says it’s time to enter phase 2 of my ministry. In this series, I share the messages I’ve been getting and how the prophetic word breaks through the snow and blooms into something beautiful.

    Reflection in a glass door

    Snow Reflection

    Photo by Mariya-Luiza

    When Spirit speaks about the future, it’s as if the message first appears as a reflection in a glass door. We consider its vague transparency and then dismiss it, only to find that later God has opened the door so that we may see through clearly to the scene ahead and then step forth to experience it as a foreordained event.

    Now it is like looking in a looking-glass which does not make things clear. We cannot see and understand things plainly. But when things become perfect, then we shall fully know and understand everything, just as God knows.
    —1 Corinthians 13:12 WE

    In years past, Spirit foretold that light would come and make the way for me to enter the second phase of my ministry. That it would change my channeling.

    On January 27, 2015 (channeling session #247), my guides said they desire to make me “a pure channel, a clean channel, a powerful channel to speak not just to one but to the many.” They promised to do their part to “strengthen that highway, to build that infrastructure through which energy and information may flow like a waterfall of light, wisdom, revelation, and understanding.” Then Spirit said:

    Know that you shall receive a boost in the coming months. By the time the crocus springs through the snow, you will have achieved a milestone that takes you to—as a springboard—to the next step in the evolution of your ministry.

    This is a year of change, this is a year of communication, this is a year of establishment, and this is a year of launching. We’ve launched you before, but we desire to launch you into stage two of the ministry that we have for you.

    We have it all planned out beforehand. We have a path for you to follow. We desire that you follow it with diligence and with sincerity. Apply yourself to meditation, to prayer, and to practicing your connection so that we might be able to strengthen your skills and to expand your abilities to bring forth messages of import and influence.

    Finally, Spirit gives a definite time frame for a destined event! By the time spring flowers appear, I will receive a boost and achieve a milestone that springboards me to the next development in my ministry. This year (2015) I will see change, communication, establishment, and launching.

    Messages Through the Melting Snow

    9“As the heavens are higher than the earth,
    so are my ways higher than your ways
    and my thoughts than your thoughts.
    10As the RAIN and the SNOW
    come down from heaven
    and do not return to it
    without watering the earth
    and making it bud and flourish,
    so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the eater,
    11so is my WORD that goes out from my mouth:
    It will not return to me empty,
    but will accomplish what I desire
    and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.”
    —Isaiah 55:9-11 NIV

    When you channel information from higher sources, it’s like precipitation from heaven. Some falls as rain—immediately understandable and readily absorbed into the soil of your heart.

    But some messages are like snow—frozen, crystallized. Although you receive the, they lie curiously on your mind but do not sink in. You’re not sure what the message means. It makes no sense at the present moment. Its potential meaning lies dormant until the light and heat of Spirit at some later point melt it and make its content accessible to you. It’s like seeing a reflection in a glass door without looking through the door.

    Yet, with the warm breath of Spirit blows, the “snow message” melts and insight springs forth. The words delivered even years ago now melt and water dormant seeds in your heart, nourishing them to blossom.

    Spirit communication, whether it comes down like rain or show, achieves its purpose when you reach the point on your path when it’s useful to further your progress and it’s time to advance the Kingdom of God in the earth.

    Settled in

    During channeling session #250, February 5, 2015, my guides spoke further about phase 2:

    We are going before you to prepare the way into the next phase of your life and your ministry. For it has been a year since we first revealed that you were to move and stepped up the process of relocation, the finding and the sale of your houses. Now that you are established here, we desire to establish you in the world of Spirit and the world of ministry. We are going before you to make the connections necessary for you to be the voice that we have called you to be.

    For we have called you to be a voice calling, of one crying in the wilderness, “Prepare the way of the Lord.” And we shall prepare this way, and you shall prepare that way for others, for them to receive insight and to receive direction and to receive upliftment, and to chart their own course and their own path to the Christed self.

    Spirit gave me nine months to settle in my new home in Jamestown. Now they want to establish me in Spirit and in ministry, which involves connection with others. Toward this end, they renew a long-time call to be a “voice in the wilderness.”

    I feel my ministry is for outcasts, the disenfranchised, those who don’t fit in, and may include good old-fashioned Pentecostal evangelism.

    I’ll share more about this next post. Till then, seek God and be faithful until your change comes.

    Rev. Lee Allen Howard, Mystic & Minister

    More information:

    Written by Lee Allen Howard

    April 6th, 2015 at 4:11 pm

    Spirit Renews My Call

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    During my first channeling session (#203) after the sale of my Pittsburgh house, I thanked my guides that it had sold, just as they said it would. They replied with a renewal of my calling, which I accepted two years ago.

    For have we not promised that all things would come to pass, even as we have said? For we have gone before you, and we have connected you with the right buyer, and we have brought the sale to fruition. For we desire you to be free of those obligations, so that you will be able to establish yourself here.

    For this is now your home base, for not only your life, but your ministry. We have called you to this place to expand. We have called you to this place to flourish and to bloom and to blossom into the ministry to which we’ve called you.

    The purpose in selling my Pittsburgh house and buying and moving to my new home in Jamestown, New York, was to be established at a new home base for my life and ministry. Just as I wrote about crossing the Jordan River from the desert into the Promised Land, I have entered the land of my true calling. This is the abrupt right turn my guides told me about in 2011.

    Spirit Reiterates My Call

    Jesus' Baptism

    Jesus’ Baptism

    For surely you are called to be a spokesman, a mouthpiece, and a prophet. And we shall speak through you. We shall interpret dreams of yours and of others. We shall channel messages of the highest order through you to individuals and to groups. We will speak through you of messages. We will help you to see, to understand, and to relay the information that is delivered from Spirit unto those who come to seek your counsel.

    For more information, see:

    A Change in Energy

    We are now beginning to change the energy about you so that you may be able to receive in a new way that which we desire to show you and that which we desire to communicate to you and through you.

    Words alone do not change hearts. It is the energy, the anointing, of Spirit Life which attends the words that changes hearts and brings revelation and healing.

    Here Come the Angels

    Know that we will attend you with angels; know that we will attend you with signs and wonders, for we desire to confirm the words and the messages that we deliver through you. Know that we will tell you things ahead of time, and we will be able to speak them through you to others so that they will know what is next on their path. They will return with confirmation; they will return with awe and wonderment at the words that have come to pass that you have spoken to them.

    My guides seem to be saying here that as I channel and minister prophetically, Spirit will confirm the messages with signs and wonders through the ministry of angels. As my guides told me many things ahead of time concerning the sale of my house, they will provide the same future-telling ministry to those I speak to. They said I as well as the hearers would receive confirmation that Spirit’s messages were true. I look forward to this.

    A Healing Presence

    We will lay bare the secrets of the heart so that you may be able share, so that they may be able to be healed. We desire to heal through you. We desire to touch the hearts of others and their minds, their emotions, their bodies. Know that a healing presence will attend you in all that you speak.

    Spirit will reveal the needs of the heart so that those who receive ministry may be healed and made whole. My guides say that “a healing presence will attend” me as I speak. This is the true purpose of mediumship: healing of the soul. I want to partner with that healing presence, the same presence who has healed me over the years and who desires to heal others.

    Trust. Relinquish your anxieties, and trust, knowing that Spirit will be there to support you and to work through you. For we desire fit vessels, we desire willing vessels, to do the Master’s work.

    This is the hardest part for me. I am confident in my channeling—that I am receiving genuine communication from higher realms. My guides have provided too much confirmation for me to doubt this.

    But I still have a hard time when they tell me such things. Who, me? Yet I am willing to do my part, and if my guides have kept their word in other matters, they will continue to support me as I step out in faith to speak.

    When Opportunity Knocks…

    We will align the appointments that you need to make with others to fulfill your projects for school and also to reach out in ministry to others who need your services. Know that we are going before you. Shrink not back from any opportunity, but know that when opportunities come, it is because Spirit has sent them.

    Do your best to represent yourself honestly, and do what you must to make connections, and we will begin to establish you in the work that we have called you to do.

    Here, my guidance promises to handle some administration for me, setting up appointments for school readings and client ministry. As hard as I push and as quickly as I go, they say they’re ahead of me.

    The hardest part here is not shrinking from any opportunity. Seems that when opportunity knocks, I have an anxiety attack. 😉 I need to work more on believing in myself. They’re not my words, anyway, are they?

    Energy Will Bring a Shift

    We will attend you with energy. Know that this shift is coming and that it will bring a change in the way you receive information and the way that you deliver information. Fret not, but go with the flow. It will not be a sudden change, but it will be a gradual adjustment in the way that you receive and the way that you transmit.

    This is all in our plan. Embrace it so that we may bring you up to the next level. For we desire you to be the first of many in your work for Spirit from your new home base.

    Again, they remind me that as I channel and give messages, Spirit will attend me with energy that will change the way I receive and deliver information. I’m thankful for their reassurance that it won’t be an abrupt change. Now, to welcome it as they suggest.

    Next time, I’ll share the news about the beginning of my public channeling ministry. Until then, blessings in love and light.

    Rev. Lee Allen Howard, Mystic & Minister

    Prophet, Build the Bridge!

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    This is the tenth in a series concerning a vision about dominoes, synchronicities, and how they led to building the bridge of light—the cosmic connection through which I link to higher realms of Spirit for psychic communication and channeling.

    In the year following my first channeling session, I came across the material of Sandra Roman and Duane Packer, authors of the excellent book Opening to Channel. I downloaded some audio courses from their site:

    On February 17, 2011, I did their Opening to Channel audio course exercises 8–10, “Verbally Channeling Your Guide,” in which I asked their recommended questions of K. I then held my twentieth channeling session. Here are some things my guide said during the session. (I record all my channeling sessions using my digital recorder and then transcribe.)

    What is your name?

    I am K___ of the Elohim, ruler in Israel and high ascended master.

    The prefix or suffix el means “god” or “deity.” El is also appended to Hebrew names such as Joel (meaning God wills or commands), Ezekiel (strength of God), Daniel (judgment of God).

    Elohim in HebrewThe singular is Eloah; the plural Elohim—gods. The latter appears many times in the Old Testament, for example, Psalm 82:1: “God has taken his place in the divine council; in the midst of the gods [Elohim] he holds judgment” (ESV). This is the Elohim of whom the Hebrew patriarch Jacob said:

    “May God [Elohim], in whose presence my grandfather Abraham and my father Isaac walked,
    may God [Elohim], who has been my shepherd all my life to this very day, …the Messenger, who has rescued me from all evil…”
    Genesis 48:15-16a GWT

    As a member of the Elohim, K stands in the divine council. To me he is shepherd, protector, and most of all, Messenger.

    The Hebrew term benei elohim (“sons of the gods”) is used in Genesis 6:2. I found esoteric tidbits about the history of the Elohim in the Urantia Book.

    Some interesting information trance-channeled by Xiota Lahmpsa Mataare is transcribed at, in which the channeled entity Merlin claims that the Elohim—”those who came from the sky”—are non-Earth humans and one of the most advanced and the oldest remaining beings in our universe.

    Some of the Elohim supposedly had a contest to see who could successfully develop human beings adapted to this planet. It is said that Yahweh, the god of ancient Israel, won the contest. K claims that, as a member of the Elohim, he is a “brother” to Yahweh.

    The Elohim allegedly have continued to influence our evolution:

    Throughout history, the Elohim have come to Earth. They came to Earth at different times, to different cultures, and they heavily influenced these cultures throughout history. They were thought to be the Gods and spirits and so forth of the many existing religions which exist today. The Elohim heavily influenced these religions along a moral structure to help the people of this Earth survive successfully and viably. Therefore, when this didn’t work, it became political influence to help establish order. Still, to this day, the Elohim are involved in Earthly matters.

    Although this is fascinating, of course I cannot confirm it nor Mataare’s channeled information. I continued my questions to K.

    Is there a way I can know that you are here?

    I heard no answer but I felt waves of energy and saw shifting colors with my eyes closed. This often happens when I’m channeling; I believe my guides are adjusting my energy to strengthen our communications link.

    What direction is our work together going to take? What areas are you here to assist with?

    I desire to speak through you. For you are called to be a spokesman and a prophet.

    K said he was preparing me to speak for him.

    Have we connected before? What are you here at this time to assist me with?

    Bridge of Light by Jonathan Karsten Klemme,

    We have worked together for many lifetimes. We are here together now to continue that work: to raise the consciousness of this race; to build a bridge for communication between realms.

    Medium Rose Vanden Eynden confirmed this. K and I are simply continuing our tasks from a previous incarnation. Our work is to help raise human consciousness and to build a bridge of communication to Higher Consciousness.

    You said to submit to your tutelage that I might learn and grow and become that which I’m destined to be. What am I destined to be?

    You are destined to be a spokesman, a mouthpiece, and a prophet. For we have communication from on high that we desire to give through you. We desire you to establish a channel that we might speak through you, and that we might relay the ideas, the information, and the energies to your race that it might draw it up higher, that it might raise its energies and vibrations, and make that connection each for himself, that you might receive and connect with realms on high and learn, each of you, what your purpose is.

    This paragraph sums up my purpose and call in this incarnation. “Spokesman, prophet, mouthpiece” are his words, and it has taken me a long time to accept them. Whether or not I feel worthy of the calling, I am to channel ideas, information, and energy from the realms of light to raise consciousness so that others may learn to connect to Spirit/Higher Mind in order to learn and live their purpose.

    Next time, I’ll share about how to build the bridge of light.

    More information:

    Prophecy of the Gold, Jewel-Studded Dominoes

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    Gold DominoesThis is the third in a series concerning a vision about dominoes, synchronicities, and how they lead to building the bridge of light—the cosmic connection through which I link to higher realms of Spirit for psychic communication and channeling.

    After the vision of the dominoes and interpretation of tongues in late 2002, Spirit did not mention dominoes again for nearly eight years. In fact, Spirit didn’t say much. Not because my guidance had nothing to say; it’s because I stopped listening. Here’s why.

    Dramatic Life Changes

    After checking my database of transcribed channeled messages, I found that are no entries from October 2004 to October 2007—a silence of three years. During that time I suffered dramatic changes in my life.

    From the end of 2004 through the following year, my ex-wife and I had a lot of heart-to-hearts about our relationship. She helped me to see that although I had tried everything in my power to change, I was gay and would be happier if I were free to pursue who I really was. This was difficult to accept because our worldview, shaped by conservative Christianity, held that homosexuality was an aberration and an abomination. (I’ve come a long way…)

    I’m thankful that while we were together I remained faithful to her. In fact, I would have ended my life before I cheated on her. It’s painful to admit, but this was a contributing factor in our separation: she was afraid she would come home and find that I had succumbed to the struggle.

    We separated in November 2005 and divorced amicably in 2006. To this day, we’re still the best of friends. You can read more in My Coming Out Story.

    Out of the Closet, into the Wilderness

    I came out, but I paid the price. I lost not only my wife, but my way of life, my religion, and all my friends. For a few years, I spent a lot of time in the bars and in the bedroom. I felt that I had failed God, my ex, my family, and my faith. My desire to minister to others in the power of the Holy Spirit was a dead hope, dashed by my sin and brokenness.

    But in October of 2007, I had an initiation experience inaugurated by a powerful spiritual presence that invaded my life. I tell about this in When You Don’t Fit in at Church and My Burning Bush Experience.

    In the fall of 2007 I began my ravenous New Age education, studying the life and work of Edgar Cayce, psychic abilities, metaphysics (Matrix Energetics), Spiritualism, and mediumship. Through my newfound spirituality, I miraculously bought a house and established myself in Pittsburgh.

    Prophetic Planning

    2010 was a year of spiritual advancement for me. On April 4th of that year, I did some prophetic dreaming and planning to prepare for a new career as a spiritual teacher. I wrote down everything I wanted to experience, share, and teach about spirituality and metaphysics. After a few pages of this future-seeing exercise, I penned the following paragraph that flowed out of me and which I now regard as prophecy.

    This work and journey are a joy and a fun adventure. I simply watch the blessings and opportunities and abundance unfold as if according to a predetermined plan. It’s as if up until now they were waiting for just the right moment to be triggered.

    It is like solid gold, jewel-studded dominoes have finally finished being stood up in an intricate, beautiful, and meaningful pattern. One touch from the finger of God sets off the cascade of events and provision that releases a mind-boggling chain of wondrous synchronicities. These supernatural events lead me to the “wide and spacious place” of prosperity, fulfillment, satisfaction, and abundance.

    Since my reawakening in 2007 I had channeled through writing only sporadically, and it’s doubtful that I had reviewed my channeled material from my previous life (I considered this to be “wasted” material at the time). I certainly don’t think I was speaking from natural memory. But you see that Spirit inspired me to speak again about the dominoes.

    Now the dominoes are glorified: they’re solid gold and studded with jewels. All those blockages I thought were impossible walls—leaving the ministry, divorcing, coming out—had now become precious and of great worth.

    The finger of God makes an appearance as the catalyst sparking synchronicities that open a way toward opportunity and provision. The end is the “wide and spacious place,” a phrase that has cropped up a few times in my channeling over the past 25 years. It speaks of my Promised Land, a place where I am established and prospering in my calling.

    Astrological Dominoes and Photons

    Three weeks later, my boyfriend at the time brought me a clipping of my Aires horoscope from Rob Brezsny’s “Free Will Astrology” column in the Pittsburgh City Paper:

    Photons work hard to get from the heart of the sun to the surface. They can take up to 160,000 years to complete the 400,000-mile-plus journey. And yet once Earth-bound photons get topside, they travel the 93-million-mile distance to our planet in just over eight minutes.

    I foresee a metaphorically similar situation unfolding in your life in the coming weeks. A development that has been a long time in the making will accelerate tremendously in its last phase of ripening.

    This passage landed on me like a metric ton of bricks. I saw these photons like dominoes—synchronicities leading to my being released in this new work of teaching spirituality and metaphysics. Dominoes of high quality take a long time to set up, but once the finger of God gives them a push, they accelerate tremendously toward their final purpose.

    This, like my prophecy, would begin to manifest soon, because the following month my master teacher guide appeared to me, and I began channeling in earnest at a higher level. More about that first channeling session next time.

    Until then, if you’re experiencing trials, know that Spirit has a plan for you. And though your faith be tested, persevere, for you have a purpose. May you be purified until you shine like gold and diamonds.

    In all this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials. These have come so that the proven genuineness of your faith—of greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire—may result in praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed. Though you have not seen him, you love him; and even though you do not see him now, you believe in him and are filled with an inexpressible and glorious joy, for you are receiving the end result of your faith, the salvation of your souls.
    –1 Peter 1:6-9 NIV

    More information:

    The Panoramic Vista, Part 5

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    My guide said he would “open my eyes” ten years before I started seeing clairvoyantly with any regularity. Even after I learned to see, my higher-dimensional clairvoyance didn’t blossom until 2011. That’s when I first experienced “vista vision.”

    My Very First “Vista Vision”

    In 2010 I voraciously read everything I could get my hands on concerning channeling. I then called for and invited a new guide to connect with me. (It was actually a master-teacher guide I’ve worked throughout many previous lifetimes. He is now my primary guide.) The first time I met this guide (in this life) and consciously channeled his thoughts, he told me, “I have desired you to see through my eyes(May 29, 2010).

    It wasn’t until February 6, 2011, that I reviewed my 2010 channeling and asked him, “How do I see through your eyes?”

    He answered for himself and the other guides in his collective, “As we descend to you to enter your vibration, set your mind to ascend to us. As you open and yield yourself to me, I will open and yield myself to you.” This is the concept of “meeting in the middle” I discussed in The Waterfall of Light and Revelation, Part 3.

    “Can we try this now?” I asked. Here’s what I experienced, as recorded in my channeling session notes:

    Spherical view

    I feel pressure on my eyes and on the bridge of my nose, and sense myself ascending and entering in. (The place I felt pressure was where I was entering in to him.) Then I see this kind of a vista, or landscape. It’s not horizontal… it’s… spherical… a view from one of those panoramic cameras, or a planetarium room where you’re surrounded on all sides by the movie screen. I feel like I’m up on a high pinnacle where I can see everywhere across a vast plain.

    My guide said, “Although you may not understand it, this is my perspective.”

    This was my first experience of “vista vision”—of rising to a higher plane of consciousness and seeing clairvoyantly in that dimension through my guide’s eyes.

    I had finally reached the point where I would be able to see the panoramic sweep of my life and ministry. But regular clairvoyance on this dimension did not develop for some time.

    “If you can hear, you can see.”

    In 2011 I was figuring out that practicing clairvoyance was a participatory thing with my guides.

    If you can hear, you can see.For over two decades, I’ve believed that any time I sit down, quiet myself, and seek to connect with Spirit, my guide will speak to me. Any time. I have complete reliance on clairaudience. But for some reason, I couldn’t apply this confidence to clairvoyance, even though my guide once told me 20 years ago,

    I have called you from the womb to hear my voice and to see my visions. As I taught my prophet Jeremiah, so shall I teach you to hear my voice and to see in the spirit what I show you by my Spirit. I will teach you. I will lead you. I will guide you. Do not be afraid, and do not hesitate, but step out in faith to see what I would show you, and write it down as you would those things that I speak to you. It is a different anointing, but the same principle. If you can hear, you can see. If I will speak to you any time, I will show you visions any time you quiet yourself and focus your spiritual eyes on things above. (Apr. 24, 1993)

    Basically, receiving clairvoyant images operates by faith (see Rom. 12:6). You must trust the source of the information, but use your own will and exercise your abilities to receive what’s offered.

    It took me a long time to understand that Spirit is not withholding from me the operation of any psychic ability. The responsibility is mine to study and practice what I want to experience. If you show yourself faithful to apply yourself to learning and trying, Spirit will take notice and give you a boost. Whatever your endeavor, keep trying. Don’t give up.

    Later in 2011, I asked my guide to show me a clairvoyant image, and he did. Stay tuned for the farmer in the corn.

    The Panoramic Vista, Part 4

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    My guide said he would show me a new vista of ministry after my clairvoyance developed on a higher dimension. This expanded vision would foster a broader view of the past, present, and future, displaying my life events over time in a panorama. Viewing this panorama would birth a greater understanding of my purpose and call.

    Before I could experience “vista vision,” however, I had to learn to see.

    Learning to See

    Way back in 2002, long before my psychic awakening, my guide told me some unprecedented things about spiritual sight.

    Open your eyesI am calling you to see into the Spirit, even the deep things of God, and speak forth my heart and my mind in this hour. I will open your eyes. I will clarify your vision. You will see far, my son, with crystal clarity. At times I will give you a telescope. At other times, I will give you a microscope. And at still other times, I will give you X-ray vision to see what I desire to show you. I will open your eyes. I will sharpen your sight. And as you look, I will reveal to you what I desire you to know by my Spirit.

    Do not close your eyes, but open them and exercise the vision I have given you. OPEN YOUR EYES, and I will show you my plan. (Oct. 24, 2002)

    Okay. But I had no idea how to do it—to just open my third eye and start seeing clairvoyantly. I didn’t even know what my third eye was! Occasionally I experienced incidents of psychic sight, but I couldn’t initiate it at will. (I had learned to do so with clairaudience, though.)

    Eight years later on May 29, 2010, he said, “I desire to open your eyes.”

    Okay, I’ve heard this before. So on June 8, 2010, I asked him, “How do I learn to see?”

    Continue to practice your exercises. Continue to stretch yourself when you relax—when you take naps, when you go to bed for the night, when you wake up. Practice seeing, and clairvoyant light will dawn. At first you will see glimpses. Trust in what you see. Question what you see. I will teach you as I show you.

    That’s better, thank you. (Sometimes my guide tells me stuff as if I understand. Usually, I don’t. I can be pretty dense sometimes…) So I needed to practice when I saw little flashes during relaxation.

    Two days later a totem messenger appeared in the form of a dragonfly. Using its advent as an object lesson, my guide stepped in and spoke to me about it:

    Everywhere you look, everywhere you turn, you see these images. They flit about; I bring them before you, I set them before you that you may see and notice them and take note. … The quickness and the colors that you see are the skills that you are called to develop with clairvoyance. As the wings hover about the body of the dragonfly, so do colors of the aura and thought forms flit about the bodies and the minds of men. I will show you how to interpret them, I will show you how to navigate with them.

    Snake shedding its skinThe following week I had a startling encounter with a big blacksnake in my backyard. I researched its totem meaning and learned that before snakes shed their skin, their eyes cloud over. Once they fully shed their old skin, their eyes clear up, and they emerge ready for new growth.

    This is the process I’ve been through the past two years. Like St. Paul, scales are being removed from my eyes.

    In 2010 I started Matrix Energetics training, which jump-started my clairvoyance. At my first seminar, I was working with a young woman during a practice session, narrating what I saw in my imagination.

    I told her, “I see a green lizard on top of your head. Now it crawls down your back and disappears.” Green lizard? She must think I’m crazy.

    She turned around and lifted her shirt. This was the tattoo on her back:

    Green lizard's got your back

    I was flabbergasted, but I was learning to see!

    Yet it wasn’t until 2011 that my higher-dimensional clairvoyance began to blossom.

    Next time, you’ll experience “vista vision” with me!

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